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The most important APP for your home!


The Smart Phone is the #1 culprit leading to unattended cooking and distraction from the stove. Now, we've turned the tables. Your Smart can now be the #1 fire prevention tool with our app alert.

Get your
Stove Alert
... so this does NOT
happen in your home!

An estimated

homes will be
affected by stove top fires in 2015






Apple Store - only $1.95 plus Tax

One-Time Cost for unlimited use for home, apt, condo and cottage ...
day after day,
year after year!

NOT currently supported by Apple iOS 9.



Stove Alert
Timer Video


Distraction from the Stove. It happens in your home more often than you know. Let the APP work to Alert ... before your smoke alarm is sounded which may already then be a dangerous, uncontrollable situation. Protect your loved ones and your property ... for about a penny a day on your Smart Phone ... with a simple TAP of the APP!


An Estimated 500 Million homes were affected by stove top fires in 2014, world-wide!

Fire & smoke detection systems are very important triggered when fire or smoke has already

Stove Alert APP is designed to be your FIRST ALERT!



Every fire professional will tell you, that it's better to prevent a fire than to fight a fire.


Stove Alert
Saves Lives!


Ask your insurance company
for a discount with your
Stove Alert APP!

A reminder on your Smart Phone before the smoke alarm is sounded ... to prevent a fire from happening in the first place.

Smart phones are not only the #1 culprit for distracted driving leading to crashes, injury and death, but they are now also responsible for being the #1 distraction culprit for people leaving the stove unattended.

But we have done something about that! Now your Smart Phone can be a very effective fire prevention tool and actually remind you that the stove is on by an alarm sounding audio alert, intermittent flashing, phone vibration and auto-repeat mode all combined to work simultaneously to warn you that your STOVE IS ON to prevent a fire from happening in your home!

Now you can have the protection from distraction for you and your spouse, your teens and elders ... because we can all become distracted from time to time ... from the most dangerous room in the house, your kitchen!



Protect your loved ones and
your property from the dangers
of distraction from the stove

Stove Alert APP

No Usage Fees,
Unlimited Use for home,
condo, apt. and cottage.

Just a One-Time
download on your Smart Phone





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