How often have you or a member of your family been distracted from the stove causing smoke to fill the house? Sound familiar? It's likely that you, and every member of your family who has spent time with the stove has run the risk of having a dangerous life threatening fire ... and most likely on more than one occasion!  The STOVE ALERT APP … it works to alert! Kitchen fires can lead to catastrophic consequences that can be far reaching into family, friends and community. Stay protected with the Stove Alert app ... a small price to pay to protect your family, your home and your personal property. This Stove Alert timer has many functions when you are not using the Stove.

FAQ - Stove Alert

1/ My Question: I know my teens leave the stove unattended when I’m not at home and that worries me very much. Especially when cooking with oil and grease and that’s all they seem to like cooking with these days. Can stove alert offer a safety net of some sort in the event they get distracted from the stove ... AGAIN? - The short answer: Once your teens turns on the Stove Alert app and set the timer, they'll have a stove timer alert on their mobile device to remind them that the stove is on. In that respect your teens are protected and you can get some assurance and peace of mind. The user should make certain that the volume is turned up high. Smart phones are the number one culprit for stove distractions ... our mission is to make it the number one fire prevention tool!

2/ What are the most common stove distractions that have resulted in house fires? Smart phones are the number one culprit for stove distractions ... our mission is to make it the number one fire prevention tool! A phone call, use of digital phones and other electronic devices, a family gathering or party, computers, TV use, family interruption, a baby crying, laundry, the doorbell, exercise and distraction from pets are among the most common.

3/ What is the main purpose of the STOVE ALERT APP? To protect what means the most to you ... your family, your home and your personal property. Stove Alert APP works to alert! It works to remind the stove user that the stove is on in the event of a distraction from the stove. Protection from “distraction from the stove” has never been easier and more effective.

4/ Is Stove Alert a LEVEL ONE fire prevention tool? The Stove Alert APP can work before the smoke alarm is sounded in your home because the app alerts you to the fact that the stove is on so that you can quickly return to the kitchen before a a stove top fire starts. By preventing a stove top fire or smoke filled kitchen, the app has worked for you before the smoke alarm has sounded. That's why we call this a LEVEL ONE fire prevention tool.

5/ How does it work?

1/ Purchase the APP on your iPhone (iOS) or Android device.

2/ Download to your smart phone or digital device.

3/ Before you turn on the stove, turn on the Stove Alert APP

4/ Set the time to 1 or 2 minutes for example.

5/ Set the repeat mode to 5 for example. (That means after your first / one or two minute alerts, the alert will repeat another five times every one or two minutes). It is also recommended that you always set the repeat mode to a minimum of 5 times. You can always simple deactivate when the stove is turned off. It pays to stay protected just in case.

6/ Tap start to activate (It is highly recommended to start the APP before you turn on your stove)

7/ Tap stop to deactivate. (It is highly recommended to NEVER deactivate the Stove Alert APP before you turn off the stove)

6/ Does the APP Alert flash when it alerts?

Yes and it also displays a "Stove Alert!!!" message on the screen of your digital device!

7/ Does the APP Alert vibrate?

Yes! Ideal when placing the phone in your pocket.

8/ Does the stove Alert APP work while other device functions are in use?

Yes, it will work in the event the user has been distracted by such digital use as texting, emailing, browsing the internet, visiting youtube or listening to music.

9/ How long does the alert sound?

The alert sounds for 5 seconds. The flash and vibrate mode also works for 5 seconds simultaneously.

That means after your one or two minute stove alert, it will repeat another five times. Upon the final repeat, the triple alert will sound, vibrate, flash screen and flash camera light for a duration of one full minute. If you have set the repeat mode and the APP is on its last sound alert of the repeat mode, the alert will sound until the Stove Alert App is deactivated.

10/ Who should use the Stove Alert APP timer?

Everyone who has a digital device and operates a kitchen stove / range. Your parents, grand parents, children, you and your spouse, your friends and your neighbors.

11/ Is it simple to use?

Very! Once downloaded, you simply open the icon app, set the time and the repeat count and tap start. The entire process takes about 5 seconds to activate.
A smart tip ... Always, without hesitation turn on your Stove Alert APP BEFORE you turn on the stove! Keep the phone on your person at all times.

12/ Does using the APP help save me money on my insurance rates?

Perhaps! Depending on where you live, state, province, country. It does not hurt to ask your insurance company if they would consider offering you a discount on home insurance if using the Stove Alert APP. You can save much more in insurance than what you pay for the APP.

13/ What is the cost of the Stove Alert APP?

There are no pay per use fees, so we encourage you to use it every time you use the stove for safety in the home.

Year-round, daily, unlimited use: iOS - $1.95 plus tax / U.S.

Year-round, daily, unlimited use: Android - $4.95 plus tax / U.S.

14/ What happens if my internet service drops?

No worries about that, the Stove Alert APP is hardware driven not software driven! Once downloaded in runs on your mobile device hardware so you need not worry if internet services go down or are interrupted. This means it will alert you even if you have left the house, forgetting to turn off the stove, or if you want to use the app at another family member's home, friend's home, while in your vacation condo or hotel or at the cottage.

15/ When will it not work for me?
Obviously if you don’t open and activate the APP, it will not sound the alert. Also, if you don’t tap stop when you are finished using the stove it will not stop repeating the reminder. The APP alert will not sound if your volume is silenced or turned on low. Volume should be set to high!

16/ Does it work over my phones auto-lock?


17/ Are there any other uses for the APP when not using it for fire prevention?

This convenient timer has various time scale options making it useful whether you want to bake a cake or need an egg timer. Its nice to know you have Stove Alert to remind you that the stove is on in the event you get distracted from the stove. When the stove is not in use however, you can use it as a:

When the stove is not in use however, you can use it as a:

Pill / Vitamin Reminder - Yet another powerful reminder as an advanced pill / medication / vitamins / contraception reminder, or simply use for managing your water intake.

When the stove is not in use however, you can use it as a:

Exercise Timer - Use it as a quick and easy way to enjoy your run or walk interval training while listening to music, enjoying the scenery and company of others. Simply set it for the time you would like to walk or run and you'll be alerted when times is up so you can return to your busy day.

When the stove is not in use however, you can use it as a:

Snooze / Alarm - We all love going back to sleep again ... even if its just for just a few minutes?
How about setting the app for three, 5 minute snoozes. This allows to you wake up slowly every 5 minutes for a 15 minute stretch. Have time to take a 10 minute power nap in the afternoon.

When the stove is not in use however, you can use it as a:

Countdown timer / calendar app
Use it as a countdown timer from hours to minutes to seconds on your phone. A digital timer to add urgency, excitement, calendar reminders and flight limo pickup reminder. There are many more uses for this Stove Alert Timer application. Be a little creative and you'll think of a few more on your own.

If you enjoy the Stove Alert / Multi-Use Timer - Please consider rating 5 stars. If you think the app deserves less, please let us know. Thanking you in advance!

The problem in many households today whether it's you, your teens, your spouse or your elders is that there is always something more important to do in this fast paced world than standing in front of the stove. The truth is, there should be nothing more important then staying in the kitchen when your stove is on and if there is … the stove should always be turned off before leaving the kitchen. With more and more electronic gadgets and mobile devices springing up almost daily, it’s difficult to stay focused on what is important … safety in the home! Educate all home occupants and introduce them to the Stove Alert APP.

Make sure its accessible on all your family's smart phone devices. It makes sense to get in to the habit of turning it on before you turn on the stove each and every time you use the stove. It will significantly reduce your chances of having a kitchen fire in your home.

A recent government study showed 80%
of reported fires were a result of unattended cooking. How often have you left the stove on to check your email on your phone or desk top computer, causing you to forget about the chicken you left sizzling on the stove - until smoke filled the house? 


Of course you want to prevent that from happening. Although multiple smoke alarms are vitally important in every home, in many cases when the smoke alarm is sounded it's often too late ... a fire or smoke has started. Hopefully it can be controlled and extinguished in time! NEVER through water on a grease fire!

Please read all the fire prevention tips on our website. Tips

The Stove Alert APP is a level 1 fire prevention tool that works differently. It can work to remind a person right on their mobile device with an audio alert to remind the user that the stove is on so that a fire does not happen in the first place. It works to alert so that you don't need to get to that stage where you need to extinguish a fire. Any fire professional will tell you that it's better to prevent a fire than to fight a fire and that's what Stove Alert is all about.

That's why the Stove Alert APP is so important in every home today.

Let's face it and not ignore the facts!
It’s a fact
that distractions will happen. Unfortunately it’s also a fact that people will leave the kitchen intentionally to complete another duty or attend to their email, smart phone, home work, yard work, laundry and the list goes on. Now at least you know that an alert APP will be sounded on your mobile device in your home giving all a chance to prevent a fire from happening.

Without Stove Alert, you are taking a chance on memory recall ... and for everyone, that's a gamble that can cause property damage, injury and even death. Everyone is forgetful from time to time! No one is immune from distraction.

No one wants to burn down the house. If you introduce the Stove Alert APP in your household, your loved ones will not only get instant protection at the TAP of the screen, you'll also get your peace of mind back. Now everyone is happy, safe and secure ... for about a penny a day!

We're striving to make our APP the number one fire prevention tool on the exact device that is responsible for causing so many fires ... the smart phone!

Ask your local fire authorities about it ... and they will tell you its better to prevent a fire then to fight a fire.

That's what the Stove Alert Timer APP is all about.